The crew and staff help make Bella Cain look and sound good. The crew gets to shows hours before it starts to set the whole rig up, and they are still working hard while everyone else is already asleep, tearing it down. During the show, they’re the ones running the sound, lights, and putting your faces on the screens via video and pictures. 


Nick is the Lead Lighting & Video Technician, Video Engineer and Backup Lighting Engineer. He loves knowing that the work he does provides our fans with an amazing visual experience from the production side of our show! He thanks our amazing fans for their support–you are truly the best fans out there! Please come find him at a show if you have a “Shout Out” that you want to go up on the video screens!


Toby has been with Bella Cain since mid-summer of 2014. He started from the bottom and worked his way up to becoming Bella Cain’s stage manager. It has been a great experience for him. As the stage manager he has to make sure everything runs smoothly from set up to tear down. At the same time, he is Bella Cain’s monitor engineer. He has to maintain each band members separate in-ear mix. What he enjoys most about working with Bella Cain, is working with great friends, listening to great music, meeting new people, and having a job where he never stops learning. He hopes to one day mix the shit out of it.

Mike K.

Mike is our Guitar Technician. He makes sure that all the instruments are tuned and ready to every night. He began working in this industry in the early 90s as part of the stage crew for Mercury recording artists Daisy Chain/Mindbomb.

Mike enjoys working with Bella Cain, because it allows him to experience his 3rd childhood while spending a lot of time away from home (he still cannot understand how his wife is so understanding of it all). It also allows him to spend great quality time with his son, Stump (Nick K, aka Toe-jam), and create lifelong memories to be able to look back on.

To him, this is not just a band—we are a family. It may be a dysfunctional one at times, but he loves working with some of the most talented musicians and fun loving bunch of people. He believes that “this organization as a whole really does earn and exemplifies the title of ‘Wisconsin’s Premier Country and Rock Band’ [mic drop]”.


Daisy is our fantastic photographer. All of her working career involved secretarial duties, which included working in corporate America to having her own typesetting business. Along the way she took up photography as a necessary hobby, because she always wanted to record activities for her family and friends. And that’s how she became involved with Bella Cain. She enjoys interacting with fans and, by taking photos at each show, she keeps herself busy and out of trouble!

Mike B.

Mike B is our videographer.
His first 25 years involved loading carnival crap (rides, games, refreshments) in and out of trucks.
His next 25 years involved loading boxes of miscellaneous crap (parcels) in and out of trucks.
His current 25 years involve loading chicken crap (literally) in and out of trucks.
He’s also loaded his share of musical equipment crap in and out of trucks.
He sees some sort of life-long pattern going on..


Kailee is Bella Cain’s Web Designer and also runs some of the social media accounts. She started with Bella Cain this past September and has loved every minute of it! She just finished school at UW-Madison and is working full-time as a software engineer. If you’re wondering where we’ll be next, or when we’ll be in your area again, she’ll be happy to let you know, so feel free to come up and say hi to her during a show!

Amy and John

Amy & Jon Totts, Kenosha natives, sell promotional items for the band.  The duo is married and have been loyal fans of Bella Cain for years. The first show they attended was Bella Cain Unplugged-2011-at the Club House in Kenosha, and they’ve been fans ever since!

Aside from working for the band, Amy is employed with Kenosha Unified School District & Kenosha King Fish.  Jon is contracted with Amazon, but he also helps the band set up and disassemble equipment.

During select performances, Amy and Jon can assist you with purchasing Bella Cain promotional items, answer any questions, and even help you with future bookings.


Bio Coming Soon


Bio Coming Soon

Nick K

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Bio Coming Soon


Jeremy has been a crew member since the beginning of the summer of 2018. He’s a crew hand and the assistant guitar tech. If something needs to get off or on the truck, he’s the one who does it. He also helps our lead guitar tech whenever he needs it, be it running or swapping guitars throughout the show. Jeremy has been playing guitar since he was 11 and hopes to one day become a band member of Bella Cain, or start his own cover band and rock out all day and night. If you see him at a show, feel free to say hi!


Bio Coming Soon


Dave is the part time Sound Engineer for Bella Cain for the last 4 years. Besides owning Eliminator Audio for the last 20 years, he has enjoyed mixing Bella Cain (which is always a treat). Over the last 33 years he has had the privilege of working with over 50 national acts along having a long history of working with all of Wisconsin’s top bands. Say hi to him the next show you see him at!

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