Rob Harvey, band leader, drummer and vocalist for the local country band Bella Cain, believes the band’s success is due to chemistry and what they represent. “People relate to us because we’re working class — we’re a blue collar band. We put ourselves out there and give 110 percent every time we hit the stage.”

The group, which regularly performs in Racine County, performed one of its first gigs in 2010 at the now-closed Racine Roadhouse.

Bella Cain’s commitment to performance, each other and their fans is another reason for their popularity. “When Bella Cain hits the stage, the musicianship, the friendship, the general enjoyment of being on stage together collectively — there are some things people can’t fake.” Harvey continues, “We define ourselves by how many people we bring to a show. We are humbled and very appreciative of our fans.”

The band has 22 members including Jackie Bucher, lead vocals, fiddle and percussion; Brecken Miles, lead vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion; Judson Brown, lead vocals and guitar, piano, harmonica and fiddle; Russ Greeley, lead vocals, bass guitar, fiddle; and Fred Krubel, lead guitar, banjo and vocals.

Article by  Alyssa Mauk

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